Twenty Four (lornvourkolakas) wrote in five_bolt_main,
Twenty Four

Introducing myself.

How lucky of me to find this community. I was actually going to suggest to a friend of mine to make a FBM community, but thought to search for the interest "Five Bolt Main" first, to see if there was already a community. Well, what do you know? There is a Five.Bolt.Main community. I'm quite glad that I found it, too.

Anyways, my name is Yulaidi and I found out about Five.Bolt.Main through the Flaw messageboard. Weird, since I never go to boards belonging to bands, no matter how much I like the band. (Flaw is actually my favorite band) But I'm glad that I did go to the messageboard, because it goes without saying, Five.Bolt.Main makes some awesome music.

I even ended up joining the street team. Got my package about two days ago, if I remember correctly. A couple of friends and I will be going around passing the stuff out to music stores and just people in general. This is the first street team that I'm actually going to promote offline, so I'm pretty excited about spreading the word.

Anyways, I just made this post as an introduction. So "Hey" to all you fellow Five.Bolt.Main fans.

P.S. Not to sound rude or anything, but the layout to the community looks kind of screwy to me. It doesn't have any links, like the info link, and each post looks kind of weird with the background kind of repeating itself on each individual post. Don't mean to sound mean, so sorry if I come off that way.
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